Our Philosophy

Foundational SCQH – Situation, Complication, Question & Hypothesis

In October, we met on the beautiful hills of Tuscany. We reflected on our intuition that something is deeply the matter, and on the need for a big vision as well as practical actions to realize it (including the development of a large-scale political movement).

Here is our SCQH: Situation, Complication, Question, Hypothesis


There is a growing intuition that something is deeply the matter, that, despite so much material progress we are not truly satisfied, happy and at peace; there is a fear of the future, a lack of visionary hope and we distrust ourselves as a species and our capacity to manage our world wisely; as the world has become more complex and intertwined it requires patience, rigour, qualitative observation, emotional honesty, deep-thinking, creative application and collective action and very few groups do that.


There is a distrust of “big visions”, of any solution that isn’t material or technological; bold and powerful visions of the future are subject to knee-jerk dismissal or destructive debate which prevents their proposal and realisation; we need a breakthrough in individual and collective “being” but a breakthrough here is hard as it requires a consensus on foundational values and views including belief in the possibility of transformation [hope] and the nature and primacy of being.


What are the foundational values and views, a big vision and its associated roadmap; and how do we facilitate consensus on these and their implementation in the next fifty to two hundred years?


Develop a community of people based on a shared culture and shared views that include the possibility of transformation, the primacy of being, getting shit done and [tolerant universalism]; and with a focus on the development of a big vision and committed to powerful, practical action to realise it [including the development of a large-scale political movement] [on the timescale of our lifetimes and those of our children].

Rufus Pollock, Sylvie Barbier, Liam Kavanagh, Ninon Godefroy