Ecosystem Mapping

Understanding the emerging ecosystem: event at Life Itself Hub Berlin, Friday 8 Oct 2021

  • 🤷‍♀️ What: What is this emerging space? What are its defining characteristics? And what are the other ecosystems to which it is interconnected? How will it evolve? Come along to find out more, hear from expert guests and participate in some shared sensemaking 😉
  • 🌍 Where: Life Itself Hub Berlin, Gneisenaustraße 52, 10961 Berlin
  • ⏲️ When: Friday 8 October, 1-2pm (doors open 12:30)
  • 💵 Cost: Free!
  • 🖋️ Register in 30s: (so we know numbers!)

In the lead up to the Emerge gathering, we’re hosting a roundtable event at the Life Itself Berlin Hub to discuss the nature of the emerging space in which we are all operating.

This is part of some wider ecosystem mapping efforts and we’ll be using this occasion to launch our 2021 “State of Sensemaking” report (you can find our 2020 report here).


There is an emerging ecosystem of individuals, organisations and initiatives around the world. We know that many of them are trying to create change, often by shifting how we make sense of the world, by how we engage with one another — in short, by engaging in sense-making and culture-making.

But that is more or less all we know about this newly emergent space, and, as such, it calls for exploration. What are its defining characteristics? How do organisations differ, and how are they similar? What is this space? What are the other ecosystems to which it is interconnected? And how will it evolve? These are some of the things we are hoping to find out.

About the Event

The event will be a mix of open dialogue and guest perspectives, and there will be drinks and snacks provided. We hope you can make it down for what will be a great opportunity for shared sensemaking around this exciting and fast growing movement!

The event is free to attend, and you are welcome to walk in on the day, but to help us gauge numbers it would be much appreciated if you could flag your interest using the form below.

What: An event to explore and contribute your insights around how we should understand our emerging ecosystem.

Where: The Life Itself Berlin Hub

When: Friday 8th October 2021. Come and mingle from 12.30pm, with discussion from 1-2pm CEST.


PS: sensemaking, regenerative, culturemaking, integral, meaning crisis, climate crisis, autopoiesis, metamodernism, metacrisis, polycrisis … it’s a bewildering array of terms and ideas. What do they mean, how do they relate, how are connected to the different activites in this space? This is a chance to find out more.