Ecosystem Mapping Institute

Mapping an Emerging Ecosystem: Partnership With The Institute for Integral Studies

We are excited to announce the third partner in our project to map an emerging ecosystem of organizations and initiatives with radical, alternative approaches to social change: the Institute for Integral Studies (IFIS). IFIS, Life Itself, and Emerge are working together to cultivate awareness and understanding of this emerging ecosystem, both within the ecosystem and outside it. Read our introductory post to the project, which outlines its rationale and goals, here.

IFIS is an independent research institute founded in 2008 and based in Freiburg, Germany, which has well established links with universities and other research organizations across Germany and Europe, as well as further afield. The Institute’s mission is “to put an integrally informed science in service of society, the planet and a healthy development of both”. Its community of integral studies experts is committed to carrying out integral research and practice across various paradigms, disciplines, cultures and contexts. Since 2013, they have coordinated a successful EU partnership project, Leadership for Transition (LiFT), which “brings together innovative researchers, practitioners and citizens engaged in the fields of leadership, education and societal transition to promote more integrative, more effective and thus more sustainable ways of living in Europe and beyond”.

Integral theory appears to be one of the key intellectual influences of the emerging ecosystem and as such the deep knowledge and expertise of IFIS in this area will be valuable to the project. Furthermore, their experience and track record of working between and across boundaries (be those national borders, cultural barriers, disciplinary definitions, or paradigmatic framings) will add great value to the ecosystem mapping project, which hopes to map and enhance synergies between various actors as we work towards leveraging our joint impact as a cohesive movement.

We look forward to working together to develop initiatives for sharing and amplifying learnings from the ecosystem with broader audiences.

Please visit the Ecosystem Mapping project site to find out more about the project and/or how you could get involved.