Reflections on Sympoiesis #6: Insight, Interbeing and Science

Over the past few weeks, the Bergerac Hub has been hosting our sixth Sympoiesis residency: Insight, Interbeing and Science. Together we explored the question, how can insight into interbeing be cultivated in a way that is supported by personal inquiry and understanding of science? 

Two of the residency’s attendees, Boaz and Amir, have offered their reflections on the experience.


My stay in the Bergerac hub has truly been a transformational experience. Having been introduced to life itself through a friend of a friend, and knowing no one else who was coming to residency (other than Liam, whom I briefly chatted with online), I didn’t know what to expect when arriving. Immediately I was greeted with hugs and kind words, and found myself, in the first ten minutes of walking in, deep in a conversation about different ways of knowing the world. It was quickly apparent to me that this was a very unique place — and the following week attested to that. The hub was filled with some of the most inspiring people I’ve met in a long while, and I felt deeply grateful to make personal connections, to be part of exciting discussions, and to meditate together with deep practitioners. There were challenging elements: living with people you don’t know can be difficult, and sharing a room meant that I had no space to retreat and be alone. This made me feel overly exposed at times, but also pushed me to step out of some of my habitual ways of being. Looking back over my week now, after arriving back in London, I am thankful to have received a whole wealth of new ideas and perspectives that I am eager to integrate into my own life.


Life Itself is a bath of inspiration – looking deeply into the nature of how we are interrelated, with a lens of buddhist emptiness and insight, has been of great value. Living together with a very diverse range of people (artists, meditators, activists, researchers, facilitators, contemplatives) has been a boon to my soul. May all beings benefit from our time together 🤗🥳

Thank you to Aamir and Boaz for sharing their reflections, to Liam Kavanagh, Jamie Bristow and Phoebe Tickell for co-facilitating, and all attendees for joining us 🙏

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