Jeremy Lent on Interconnection & Shifting Worldviews

This week in the Exploring Social Transformation series of the Life Itself Podcast, we are sharing a conversation with acclaimed author of ‘The Patterning Instinct’ and ‘The Web of Meaning’, Jeremy Lent. This conversation was originally published in September 2021 as part of the Imaginary Society Forum, a forum curated by Life Itself in association with Untitled for the exercising of social imagination through practice and theory.

In this episode, Jeremy and Rufus take apart the myth of man’s innate selfishness and dig into how shifts in cultural consciousness have historically come about, what’s coming next, and why we have reason to feel hopeful.


Jeremy Lent, described by Guardian journalist George Monbiot as “one of the greatest thinkers of our age,” is an author and speaker whose work investigates the underlying causes of our civilization’s existential crisis, and explores pathways toward a life-affirming future.

He is the founder of the  Deep Transformation Network, a global community exploring pathways to an ecological civilization, and the nonprofit Liology Institute, dedicated to fostering an integrated worldview that could enable humanity to thrive sustainably on the Earth. 

His award-winning book, The Patterning Instinct: A Cultural History of Humanity’s Search for Meaning, explores the way humans have made meaning from the cosmos from hunter-gatherer times to the present day.

His new book, The Web of Meaning: Integrating Science and Traditional Wisdom to Find Our Place in the Universe, offers a coherent and intellectually solid foundation for a worldview based on connectedness that could lead humanity to a sustainable, flourishing future.

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