Life Itself August 2022 Newsletter

Welcome to our August newsletter! Here at the Life Itself Bergerac Hub, we’ve been hosting our “Light, Shadow, Integration” residency. While enjoying the late summer sun and the cooling Dordogne river, we’ve been dwelling deeply in the present moment and re-exploring our relationship with the intellect. We’ve been considering, how do we acknowledge our culture’s overrating of thought and theory, and the associated trauma, without getting caught in anti-thought and delusion (which are thoughts)? How do we discuss all the stuff that fills our heads without re-traumatising ourselves?

Behind the scenes, the team organizing our autumn Embodying Collective Transformation residencies have been hard at work getting everything ready for three months of collective transformation. The first residency kicks off in just a week(!) and the team are getting excited to welcome our first cohort of attendees into our beautiful hub.

Keep reading for information on more upcoming events, our latest podcast episodes, and an exciting job opportunity.

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Upcoming Events

L’Art Ă  la rencontre de l’Éco-spiritualitĂ©

This Sunday, the 27th of August, the Life Itself PlumVillage Hub near Thenac are hosting an event on the theme of Art and Eco-spirituality. It includes a performance of Prophecy by our co-founder and artistic lead Sylvie Barbier.

Adults and children are both welcome for an afternoon of art and performance from 16h00. Entry is free with the option to donate for the artists. A pot-luck dinner will take place after the event.

Learn more and book your ticket:

Crypto Policy Symposium 2022

Over the past six months, Life Itself Labs have been embarking on a project of research into and rigorous analysis of web3 & crypto. One of our partners in this project, Stephen Diehl, is speaking at the inaugural Crypto Policy Symposium on the 5th & 6th of September, 2022.

The Crypto Policy Symposium will be held online and in London. The
symposium will be keynoted by two leaders on financial policy from the United States and the United Kingdom. This event is organized by a transnational coalition of academics, technologists and focused on public policy solutions to issues surrounding crypto assets.

The key objective of this conference is to help public sector policy makers and corporate decision makers to go beyond the hype and understand the reality of the crypto economy and its implications. By connecting experts with key decision makers, the hope is that this will inform better decisions regarding this sector, strengthen our democratic institutions, and advance public sense-making on these complex issues. Discussions on policy recommendations, systemic risk, prevention of regulatory capture, and critiques covering cryptocurrencies, ICOs, NFTs, DeFi, “Web3” and blockchains will be covered. This conference brings together the best minds in journalism, law, policy, technology, regulation and banking for two days of panel discussions and community building.

Learn more and register for the Symposium:

Upcoming Residencies & Retreats

Sep-Dec 2022: Embodying Collective Transformation

Sharing personal and collective practices to address the challenges of our time and help create a world that works for all life.

What: A series of three one-month-long residencies consisting of a seven-day intensive training in personal and group practices for courageous collective transformation, followed by a three-week community immersion to integrate and deepen these practices in our daily lives. The immersion includes time and space for you to continue your daily personal work and projects. Apply to attend just the week-long training, the entire month-long residency, or multiple months of residency.

When: September 2nd-30th; October 1st-30th; November 1st-30th

Where: Life Itself Praxis Hub, Bergerac, France (near Bordeaux)

With: Karl Steyaert, Nadine Helm, & Jocelyn Ames

These residencies are now fully booked, however, please do still get in touch if this is something that interests you. We are opening a waitlist as we will be running more residencies with the Embodying Collective Transformation team in Bergerac and Berlin in the near future.

Latest from the Life Itself Podcast: Exploring Social Transformation

Jeremy Lent on Interconnection & Shifting Worldviews

In episode 7 of the Exploring Social Transformation series of the Life Itself Podcast, we shared a conversation with acclaimed author of ‘The Patterning Instinct’ and ‘The Web of Meaning’, Jeremy Lent. In this episode, Jeremy and Rufus take apart the myth of man’s innate selfishness and dig into how shifts in cultural consciousness have historically come about, what’s coming next, and why we have reason to feel hopeful.

The New School at Commonweal with Rufus Pollock

In episode 8 of our Exploring Social Transformation series, we were delighted to share a conversation courtesy of the New School at Commonweal with Life Itself co-founder, Rufus Pollock.

In this conversation, Rufus Pollock sits down with host, Michael Lerner, to discuss Life Itself’s recent work mapping an emerging “metamodern” ecosystem centered on a radical, alternative approach to social change – one that is simultaneously paradigmatic, integrated, and engaged.

Cohort 2040: Leadership Development Manager job vacancy

The Cohort 2040 project is seeking a highly motivated Leadership Development Manager to lead a consultation and co-design process for an exciting and ambitious initiative to support emerging leaders navigate a future of deepening environmental crisis.

The role holder will work in a small team on an engaging, well-connected project that is grappling with two key questions. How can future leaders drive a better, faster sustainability transition as the destabilising impacts of the environmental crisis grow? What can we do now to best support emerging leaders anticipate and prepare for this future?

If you are interested in these questions or know of anyone who is, contact Laurie (Cohort 2040’s director) at Cohort 2040 is hosted by the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) and collaborates with the Chatham House Sustainability Accelerator and the Global Systems Institute, University of Exeter.

Key Information

  • Contractor position, 14 months (potential for a longer term position dependent on fundraising)
  • ÂŁ64,167 – ÂŁ70,000
  • Remote/UK working, flexible working
  • Application deadline: 29th August 2022

Listing and contact information

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