Exploring Social Transformation: Series Wrap-Up

Over the past few months we have been sharing episodes centered around the theme of ‘social transformation’. In this final episode of the mini-series, co-hosts Eilidh Ross, Theo Cox and Nathen Fitchen reflect on the series, sharing why we embarked on this project, our stand out moments, and key takeaways.

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Exploring Social Transformation: A Series

Ep. 1: Exploring Social Transformation with Theo Cox and Eilidh Ross

Ep. 2: Embodying Collective Transformation with Karl Steyaert

Ep. 3: Collective Practice with Valérie Duvauchelle

Ep. 4: Brendan Graham Dempsey on The Meaning Crisis & Metamodern Spirituality

Ep. 5: Hannah Close on Animism, Kinship, and the Social Change Ecosystem

Ep. 6: Geoff Mulgan on Reigniting Social and Political Imagination

Ep. 7: Jeremy Lent on Interconnection & Shifting Worldviews

Ep. 8: The New School at Commonweal with Rufus Pollock