Update from the Bergerac Hub: Embodying Collective Transformation

In September, October and November, the Bergerac Hub is hosting a series of “Embodying Collective Transformation” residencies. This series of three one-month-long residencies consist of a seven-day intensive training in personal and group practices for courageous collective transformation, followed by a three-week community immersion to integrate and deepen these practices in our daily lives. 

During the first of these residencies over the past month, we have been exploring the question: “how is life calling us to embody collective transformation on behalf of the whole?” Some of what we have enjoyed together over the past few weeks include: morning meditation and dancing, cooking (and eating!) delicious meals, deepening our practice of skills for living in community, movie nights… and much more!

Here are a few reflections from our Open Space Harvest Board, where members of the community have been sharing summaries, insights, takeaways, patterns, ideas, remaining questions and commitments arising from our Open Space sessions.

Awareness of Parts Dynamics

What: Solo journaling and dyad practice of a process we learnt during the training week to explore ‘how I impact another person’ and ‘how another person impacts me’.

Reflections: “Taking time to explore parts of me that come up when I’m impacted by someone else helps me to feel more confident that I can approach them for a courageous conversation and it lead to connection and opens up more curiosity and compassion for what is going on for them.”

Mantra Singing

What: Singing mantras together with the guitar.

Reflections: “Spiritual and grounding”; “So beautiful and nourishing”

Menstrual Cycle Awareness

What: A session tracking our menstrual (or other) cycles for personal wellbeing, connecting with the various aspects of our creative process, and accessing more self-leadership.

Reflections: “How can we track wellbeing while not getting trapped in a static idea of how my cycle and body ‘should’ be?”

Food System Approaches

What: A session exploring community food systems and our relationships to food.

Reflections: “Food systems are built on scarcity after war – systems did not change even when needs eased…paradigm of fear.”;

“Next steps = detailed action for the Bergerac Hub… what do we plant, which farms do we buy from etc.?”

Awareness of Privilege

What: A session exploring rank, power, and privilege.

Reflections: “How can we find the space for being responsible for our lineage & not falling into guilt? How can we be aware of what we carry of our conditioning without shame?”

“There is a lot of pain around this and people need lots of empathy <3”

“We discovered that in general there’s less polarisation and marginalisation in our subculture at the Hub than in our perception of general society.”

Riverside Clean-up 

What: As part of our Saturday morning weekly community service time, we went out together to pick up rubbish from along the river. 

Reflections: “How we do anything is how we do everything.”

“Doing selfless service is more fun and easier together!”

“It’s as much about how it’s done (from what place inside ourselves) as what we do, e.g. not to clean up with resentment and create more ‘enemy images’.”

“What is mine to do? & Where to put our collective capacity?”

“For them, for us, to reconnect with our human dignity and joy for free life.”

Massage Night

What: An evening of exchanging massages in pairs.

Reflections: “Connection and relaxation.”

Ecstatic Dance

Reflections: “Love, connection, expression.”

“So beautiful and nourishing.”

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