Hubs Residency

Celebrating a Year of Residencies

The Bergerac Hub is buzzing with activity this October as we enter into the second of our three Embodying Collective Transformation residencies. Amid the activity, however, we take the time to recognize a special time for us – the marking of one year of residencies in the Bergerac Hub.

Over the coming week will be sharing reflections on and testimonies from our residencies. First up, we have Valerie Duvauchelle, Life Itself Pioneer and co-curator of the Bergerac Hub, who has kindly written down her reflections on a year of “sympoietic living”.

Already one year at the Bergerac Hub

During the past year at the Bergerac Hub we explored what it means to become human again. We experienced what it is to sit in the trouble of our time and how, by living together around common practices, this feeling of silent despair could transform into deep joy and a desire to engage in the world with new enthusiasm. 

After a year of “sympoietic living”, during which contemplative activism, eco-spirituality, interbeing, and transformative food were topics given consideration at the hub, we have noticed some common effects among participants: 

  • Joy of doing things together 
  • Reconciliation with one’s place in the world 
  • Feeling of moving away from the dualistic vision
  • Ajustement to ecoanxiety
  • Self love 
  • Legitimacy of doing without having to save the world 
  • Intuition that quantity is not the only effective measure 
  • Enthusiasm for experiencing loss as a life process
  • Increased energy 
  • Re-evaluation of identity 
  • Death, grief  integration as a life process
  • Sense of being part of a supportive whole 
  • Growing sense of compassion for self, others and the world 
  • Apprehension  of deep time (beyond past present future)
  • Humility and grace of being human
  • Desire to let one’s essence shine 
  • Willingness to contribute in an adjusted way

Generally, we have witnessed that when people deconstruct their sense of separate identity, it reactivates our ontological capacity to readiness. It seems that by going through our light and shadows together as a community, we become deeply adaptive.

So, over the next year, we want to continue the path of deconstruction of our atomized self into the neo-trans-individualized self. We will gather in small groups of a dozen people who will live in the frame of the 4 minimum viable practices (the practice of interbeing care, the practice of house care, the practice of food care, and the practice of collective well being care). We will reinvent ourselves, reconnect with rituals, invent a new language and explore the salutary unknown territory of metamodernism.

We want to continue to create the conditions that allow openness, vulnerability, tolerance to emerge. We want to cultivate a readiness to act in the world as it is.

We believe these residencies can contribute to changing our perception of the reality that surrounds us and activate another relationship to all beings. We invite you to engage in a different way of living; to deeply listen to the invisible tapestry that connects our realities. 

About Valerie

Alongside being a culinary adventurer, a food activist and a tenzo (a zen cook in the Soto Zen tradition), Valerie is the Guardian of Life Itself’s daily practices. She enjoys sitting in the uncertainty and is passionate about helping communities to awaken their enthusiastic collective heart through shared practice. She lives life according to her mantra: together, together, all together!