Initiatives Web3

Making Sense of Crypto & Web3: Announcing our new initiative

Web3 is becoming a huge phenomenon, but represents a crisis of sensemaking with a welter of terminology and conflicting claims. Today, Life Itself Labs is launching a new collaborative initiative “Making Sense of Web3” to address this. It provides introductions to key concepts and ideas along with in-depth exploration of the claims for its social […]

Life Itself Our Philosophy

Cultivating an Emerging Paradigm

By Tomas Björkman and Rufus Pollock. Tomas Björkman is a social entrepreneur, philosopher and co-initiator of Emerge. Rufus Pollock is co-founder of Life Itself. This piece was cross-posted in Emerge, 27.1.2022. This piece is a result of a collaborative dialogue between Tomas Björkman (Ekskäret Foundation) and Rufus Pollock (Life Itself). We’d like to thank Theo […]

Community Events Hangouts

Community Hangout December 2021 – Conscious Parenting and Education

This month we have special guest Esther Montmany who has spent more than 20 years developing a unique approach to conscious parenting and education. She has worked with Mauricio and Rebecca Wild at their legendary school in Ecuador and led the children’s program at Plum Village summer retreats as well as starting several initiatives of […]

Conscious Parenting Events

Conscious Parenting and Education Workshop – Nov 16

True inner growth for a truly happy child Led by Esther Montmany We are delighted to be organizing a special two hour workshop on conscious parenting and education. Led by Esther Montmany who has more than twenty years experience and training, having led workshops all over the world as well as running the children’s program […]

Community Hangouts

Community Hangout November 2021

This month we have special guest Karl Steyaert, a visionary cultural catalyser who has worked with dozens of intentional communities such as Findhorn and Auroville as well universities and tech companies such as Netflix. More about Karl below. When: Sunday 7th November, 2021 at 6-7pm European / 12-1pm eastern US. Where: Online (zoom). Register with your […]

Our Philosophy

Critical Point: our reason for existence in a Nutshell

We prepared this deck to summarize our “reason for existence”. It covers the context, the challenge and the question we distilled out of that. It’s part of our latest revision (v3) of the reason for our existence (aka SCQH).

Ecosystem Mapping

State of Sensemaking Ecosystem Mapping Directory – Alpha Launch

We’re excited to announce the alpha version of our ecosystem mapping directory entitled the “State of Sensemaking”: The site is one output from our ongoing efforts to map an emerging ecosystem. It provides a growing directory of organizations, communities and individuals organized by theme and activity. It also includes background content and interviews as […]

Ecosystem Mapping

Adam Brock (Regenerate Change) – A Conversation

As part of our project to map the space that organisations like ours operate within, we had a great conversation with Adam Brock from Regenerate Change, about social design and deepening relationships. Read below to find out more.  Adam’s Journey  Adam first got interested in regenerative design in college. He realised that we have the […]

Conscious Coliving Hubs

What is Conscious Coliving?

There’s not really an established term yet for the kind of way of living that we imagine and seek to pioneer. We’ve come to call it “conscious coliving” reflecting the fusion of two related practices: conscious living and coliving. Here we want to say a bit more about what we mean by conscious co-living as […]

Life Itself

Life Itself Newsletter – June

Hello and welcome to our latest newsletter! We’re halfway through the year now, and there’s so much to update you on. The team at Life Itself have been working hard on many exciting projects, so read below to find out more. Compassionate Mental Health Liam Kavanagh, head of the Life Itself Insitute, co-curated a three-day […]