Ecosystem Mapping

Ecosystem Mapping Update

Back in December 2021, we launched our collaborative ecosystem mapping initiative to chart a newly emerging social change ecosystem.  We’ve received some helpful feedback from visitors to the site and we’re excited to respond to the enthusiasm to contribute to the project with some new features, which allow greater community involvement with the project and […]

Life Itself Labs

Launch announcement: Life Itself Labs

Some of our more eagle eyed readers may have noticed us begin to reference Life Itself Labs in some of our recent work. We’re therefore extremely proud to be giving Labs the proper launch it deserves. Life Itself Labs will act as a subsidiary of Life Itself, housing our research and consulting activities particularly on […]

Policy Sustainable Wellbeing Wellbeing

The Case for a Sustainable Wellbeing Innovation Fund

This report was written in the final portion of Life Itself’s first internal Hack Day(s), where we spent 48 hours discussing and developing our ideas around Sustainable Wellbeing. My contribution to this enterprise has focused on how the principle of sustainable wellbeing could be advanced through economic innovation systems. Given it was written in a […]

Open Revolution Policy

Life Itself is Providing Expert Support on Environmental Data Sharing Incentives

We’re partnering with GIZ and the EU to help design the new Green Deal Data Space. Despite our belief in the Primacy of Being, Life Itself has always been committed to an integrated approach to social change. Not only do we see work at the level of systems and institutions as a necessary complement to […]

Ecosystem Mapping Institute

Mapping For Emergence: Announcing a Collaboration to Chart the Emerging Metamodern Ecosystem

Life Itself and Emerge will join forces to map the emergent metamodern ecosystem. Here we explain our preliminary outline of the ecosystem and why we thinking mapping matters and how it can help. This article is cross-posted from a recent piece on the Emerge website, cowritten by Life Itself’s Theo Cox and Rufus Pollock and […]

Jobs Life Itself

We’re Looking for the Next Amazing Addition to Our Team!

Life Itself is Looking for a Communications and Operations Superstar We’re looking for a new member to join our team. If you think you’ve got what it takes, read below to find out more. About Engagement Type: Contract Hours: Flexible, 30 hours a week up to full-time Location: EITHER in person at our Hub in […]

Culturology Institute Our Philosophy

Social Paradigm Shifts: A Pre-Survey of the Literature

One of the core components of Life Itself’s theory of change is that, if we are to address the polycrisis facing us as a civilisation, we must bring about a new social paradigm. This phrase, in common parlance, is expansive in its connotations and can be understood in a number of different ways: everything from […]

Institute Policy Sustainable Wellbeing Wellbeing

Wellbeing and a Moderate Climate Movement

This post summarises the second session of the Wiser Policy Forum, a space to bring together leading experts from across the spheres of policy and civil society to explore new perspectives on traditional policy issues. We were delighted to be joined by Rupert Read, Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of East Anglia and […]

Community Conscious Coliving Ecosystem Mapping

Reflections on the 2021 Emerge Gathering

As the dust from the 2021 Emerge Gathering has now properly begun to settle, it seems like the right time to share some reflections on what was on so many levels a special and thought provoking experience.  I felt truly privileged to be in attendance, and to share space with so many enthusiastic and motivated […]

Co-X Culturology Hubs Ontology Our Philosophy

Deliberately Developmental Spaces: a key to addressing the Metacrisis?

The piece reflects Life Itself’s experience with practically creating developmental spaces in the last five years as well as our research, discussions and engagement with many others. We especially acknowledge ongoing discussions with Tomas Bjorkman and colleagues (whose terminology, borrowed from Robert Kegan’s ‘Deliberately Developmental Organisation’, we have unashamedly adopted and built on) as well […]