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We’re a community first and foremost, and we look out for one another. As much as these are a chance to learn, they’re also a chance to check in and catch up. And we love new people, so bring them along: entry is open to all!

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Our calls are online, so wherever you are in the world, you can take part. Times are UK.


Universalism: Do we dare we question it?

Saturday 6th February 6pm CET

 Recent political events have made the fact that we live in an experiment more palpable. It is a daring experiment, there is perhaps nothing more experimental in our culture than the idea of achieving equality here on earth before judgement day.

One particular question has been problematic for our utopian voyage since the moment it started: who is to be included in the crew? The saints say leave no man behind, while worldly people advise that there are promises we cannot keep without causing a fatal breakdown in the great experiment.

Conflicts on this point have been right at the center of recent events. We will inquire into views of individual and group identity and stories of history that lie in the centre of conflicts over immigration and new ways of seeing that might renew the West’s dearest dream.

Embodied Deconstruction – Throwing Light into the Individuality Blindspot

Sunday 11th October 6pm

Join us for the unique salon in collaboration with Contemplative Activism this Sunday evening! 

The idea that we are each truly individuals living “our own life” is a useful but flawed intellectual fiction that has come to be so woven into our worldview so that Westerners live largely as though it were true, even if we know it is false in many ways. We very often embody it while denying it. We might not be personally responsible for believing in this idea, because our minds are collective creation, but we also have the ability to respond to this dogma, especially in groups. 

“Embodied deconstruction” might be part of a response, we will discuss how to get a felt embodied sense of the hold of this practice on us.

Menstruation in community

Sunday 25th October 3pm

With Bex Baxter:, life coach through people discovering their voice. Bex created the first menstrual flexitime policy in the UK and transformed menstrual education. She’ll be talking to her experience of breaking the taboo of menstruation, of educating ourselves to our natural cycles and the power and energy this gives us, as opposed to the suppression and reduced energy so often marketed.

Her policy overnight gained world wide news coverage and saw her doing interviews with major broadsheets such as the New York Times and the Guardian and even made an appearance on BBC’s flagship Morning TV show ‘This Morning’.

Here’s Bex doing her talk at the highly respected TedX Bristol conference; ‘Ending a Workplace Taboo – TedX

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