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After the Art & Eco-spirituality event: What will the future be made of? “Nothing”

A wall of golden engraving rises up, already from a distance announcing the mystical importance of its message. Its size is the measure of the message. When future generations look back at this time, what will they make of it? Clues of upcoming happenings are spread around the room. Something is about to happen. On […]

Art Cultural Activism Requiem for a Passing Age

Genesis in Three Performances

A year ago, I was in the depth of a depression, suicidal thoughts would pass through me, a sadness over take me when looking at the state of the world and what the probable almost certain future would look like for my child. I felt powerless. I was in the process of mourning Modernity. A […]

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Art, Religion and the Climate Crisis – Part I

In a secular world the ego is God. Religious men first activists second As some of you might know, I love reading  biographies and  autobiographies, especially of men and women who have shown leadership in our world. Recently, I have given particular attention to the civil rights movement and read the autobiographies of Malcolm X […]