The Berlin Hub

Intentional coliving, in Kreuzberg. Live well, live together.
The Berlin Hub unites creatives, thinkers, and entrepreneurs committed to wiser, weller living.

19th century building. 21st century living 

Wooden floors, large windows, and high ceilings are standard in our period premises. All rooms are furnished with a double bed, and modern appliances such as a refrigerator, freezer, and washing machine are provided. 

355 hectares on your doorstep

Gneisenaustraße borders the Tempelhofer Feld, an old military airport converted into a public park, complete with lawns, sports facilities, and plenty of runway! 

Make an event of it

Our events space, formerly a shop, provides ample room to host meetings, seminars, and public events of your choosing. You also get to create your own events programme, so you have space to share, learn and connect on topics that really matter.

Different Hub. Unique personality 

As a relatively new community, now’s the time to shape our culture, and we need your help! This is an ideal time to make the Berlin Hub a place you’re proud to call home. While part of our international network, every hub has its own personality, drawn from its members, so if you’ve got ideas of how to live wisely and well, we want to hear from you. 

Space and privacy

The bedrooms in the Berlin Hub are relatively large, and we offer a range of accommodation, from single bedrooms to studio apartments, to suit your needs. Prices start from €560 per calendar month.

Staying with us

We will advertise vacancies at the hub as they arise, but if you are interested in visiting or even staying longer term then please contact us to see what’s possible.

Please see Being a Hub Member for more information on what it means to become a part of our hubs and please read here for our Terms and Conditions of Residency.

Want to work with us?