Get an overview of some of our specific initiatives

For a full list of initiatives see the initiatives menu. Here we provide an overview of some of the main ones.


Our online calls provide participants with virtual spaces for personal growth and transformation. Through our calls we share the culture and practices of Life Itself, creating a supportive community committed to personal transformation.


We write and curate information on how to cultivate a wiser way of living and deliver these ideas to our subscribers. Our content is tailored to support readers who want to contribute to solving the greatest crises facing our species and the planet.

Cultural Development Coaching

We offer cultural development coaching to organisations and businesses, using our practices and learnings to develop wise and well work cultures.


Our hubs are micro-cultures which embody [the values of Life Itself]. The hubs provide communal environments that support the well-being and self-growth of their residents and foster links with local communities through events, workshops and co-working spaces. The hubs provide a focal point for those interested in societal transformation to meet, discuss and collaborate. You can read more about the culture of our hubs in the [Residency Agreement](/hubs/agreement/) and you can find images and application forms for living in our hubs on our website.

Life Itself Institute

The Life Itself Institute carries out research into how we can create societies that are wise and well. By producing and sharing research, we aim to provide guidance on the practices, values and policies that can transform society and also foster a big vision discussion about social transformation which enters mainstream discourse.

The Gathering

The Gathering is a yearly retreat for participants from a wide variety of backgrounds who all share a commitment to creating a wise, well society for the future. We meet to connect, discuss, experiment, meditate and reflect; to explore what it would mean to build a better future.

Possibility Now

Possibility Now is an initiative started by Life Itself to spark hope for social change and foster an open-minded, imaginative, collective conversation about how society can be transformed for the better.                                                   

Contemplative Activism

Collective Activism is an initiative started by Life Itself to explore how we can bring contemplative awareness, skills and practices into activism and social leadership. Wisdom and awakening will be increasingly important if we are to successfully respond and adapt to the deepening ecological crisis we are facing.