August ’22: Light, Shadow, Integration

Taking care of our dreams of a new culture, and minding their shadows.

Key Info

We will enjoy summer and dwell deeply in the present moment, enjoying the light that fills the world. We will also re-explore our relationship with the intellect. How do we acknowledge our culture’s overrating of thought and theory, and the associated trauma, without getting caught in anti-thought and delusion (which are thoughts.) How do we discuss all the stuff that fills our heads without re-traumatising ourselves?

And much else besides…. Participants will be invited to bring their own practices, experiments and works, embodied or intellectual into the open space, suggesting activities and co-creating our exploration. All activities will be optional and we will have time for our own work. We will playfully integrate together.

  • Overall Theme: This residency will concentrate on enjoying presence and embodiment while playfully and lovingly dwell with “spiritual” shadows – new dogmas or prides of a budding culture. We can be with like-minded people, and will have time for remote working, too.
  • Sample Practices: Meditation, ecstatic dancing, swimming in the river, visiting Plum Village, resonant singing, cooking, cleaning, and others brought by participants.
  • Sample Inquiry Topics: Most space will be left for emergent topics topics, a few examples are: Varieties of presence and routes to embodiment. Can we really be “non-intellectual?” Interbeing. Do value and merit really exist, and are we trapped by these ideas? The trauma of abstraction. Accepting of cultural grasping disease so we can heal it. Emotionally aware “deconstruction” of our conditioning. What is the difference between meditation and fishing?
  • When: August 1 – 29 2022
  • Where: Life Itself Praxis Hub, Bergerac, France (near Bordeaux)
  • Who: anyone interested in insight, interbeing, and science.
  • Facilitators: Liam Kavanagh
  • Cost : Whole month €600-750 (plus €210 for food) depending on room type (needs based assistance available.) 2 weeks stays are possible.  
  • Notes on costs: our aim is that cost is not an obstacle to anyone in participating. If finance is an issue please get in touch and we will see if we can provide support in some way or another.
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Residency Structure

The exact structure is deliberately left with some flexibility in order to adapt to the needs of the group who joins us (approximately 12 people) but some of the core elements will include:

Work Time: It is important to note that the schedule of the residency is meant to allow people to work remotely (i.e. it should be comfortable to work 35-40 hours a week.)

Group Inquiry: 3-4 evenings a week we will have a group practice or inquiry based around the residency’s core theme. The organisers have ideas, but participants are encouraged to make suggestions.

Meals Together: Lunch every weekday. Participants will come to an agreement together about dinner and weekend cooking arrangements.

Daily practices: Morning and evening meditation is available, and mindful working in groups to maintain the space and cook.