A community for people seeking a wiser world

Though living in societies which have never been so rich, our sense of purpose and connection is often missing. A growing number of us are seeking lives that are meaningful as well as productive, yet we struggle to find a balance, finding ourselves trapped in conflict.

With Life Itself we want to offer a way to combine wiser and weller ways of living whilst remaining engaged in conventional society. We think that a radically better world is possible through the transformation of individual and collective being (or “culture”).

Our approach focuses on fostering a community of people seeking a wiser world. We do this by providing space, a network and knowledge. Space in the form of physical places that can act as homes for our community members to work, meet and stay. Network in the form of gatherings that bring the community together to reflect, learn and connect. Knowledge in the form of education and research to develop and share ideas, approaches and best practices.

Our work is underpinned by a number of foundational principles. These include: 

Primacy of Being
Reverence for life
Possibility of transformation
The value of the mysterious
The value of reason
Deep listening
Critical open-mindedness
Rigour and discipline
To be in community
A focus on the necessity of a Big Vision