Open Summer Residency

16th June – 16th July 2022

Taste the good life

9/6/2022 update: We are still accepting last-minute applications

Key Info

What : A one-month residency to experience a taste of life and belonging in a co-created community of practice. You will have time to devote to personal work or projects in a setting conducive to inspiration. In a lighter format than the Sympoiesis residencies, this proposal aims to combine practice, work, and well-being in a beautiful riverside setting in southwest France.
When : 16th June to 16th July 2022 (Participants are flexible to arrive and leave at any point during these dates. There is the option to stay up until 20th July. See below for monthly, weekly, and nightly fees.)
Where : Life Itself Praxis Hub, Bergerac, France (near Bordeaux)
For whom: Anyone interested in experiencing life in a co-created community of practice and connecting with like-minded people.
Hosts : Valérie Duvauchelle and Marc Santolini
Residency fee :

1 month – basic room: €450; standard room: €550; premium room: €700

per week – room: €160

per night – room: €25

(+€7 per day for food)
Languages : French and English.
Interested? Please tell us a bit about yourself and why you would like to join us in the application form. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

(Before registering please read the common principles at the bottom of the page)

During your time in the Bergerac Praxis Hub you will be able to experience what is to live, work, and enjoy life in a community environment in a beautiful townhouse in the French Dordogne region. Summer is a privileged time of rest and relaxation that can be paradoxically very productive or inspiring when the right container is provided. In the spirit of Sympoiesis residencies but in a lighter version you will be able to enjoy time in nature and community as well as to focus on whatever you might be currently studying or working on. Each participant will have their own room and access to bright and spacious common areas such as the painting room, dining room, lounge and garden.

During your stay here, you will experience :

  • another experience of Time
  • the possibility to interact with well minded people
  • different cultures and perspectives
  • space to work and meditate
  • opportunity to visit one of the most beautiful area of France
  • cooking, cleaning together
  • community life

During the Open Residency a minimum of daily practices will be held such as contemplative practice, cooking shared meals and collective home care. However regarding the choice of the group, collective meals might happen every other day, the rest of the time, people could cook freely respecting the Tenzo frame that we use at the hub and the spirit of simplicity (no fancy ingredients but non industrial, organic, and local as much as we can). The community rhythm will be determined collectively by participants.

This is an idea of a possible frame that will be adjusted to the group :

  • 8h00 : contemplative practice
  • 8h30: free breakfast
  • 9h30 – 12h30 : work / exploration / walks
  • 13h00: collective meal or free
  • 14h30 – 18h30 : work / exploration / walks
  • 17h00 to 18h30 : food and home care practice
  • 19h00 : collective meal or free
  • 20h00 : spontaneous collective session or rest


Valerie and Marc will welcome you and be the guardians of MVP ( minimum Viable practices ) during this time to activate community embodiment.

Valérie Duvauchelle (first 3 weeks)

Pioneer of Life Itself since 2020 as the daily collective practices guardian of the Hub, Valerie is also the steward of the Bergerac Praxis Hub . Trained in zen soto lineage as a cook ( tenzo) she is passionate about the question of food and open spaces to sit in its complexity . She is facilitating regular food trainings and retreats to help cooks to expand their practice and takes care of the food system of the hub.

Marc Santolini (last week)

Marc Santolini is a researcher at the Learning Planet Institute where he uses network science to investigate how groups innovate, collaborate and learn, with a particular focus on open and citizen science and the open-source movement. He is also a co-founder of the Just One Giant Lab NGO that equips emergent open research communities with a virtual space and tools to thrive. Fascinated by the emergence of higher-order simplicity out of complex interactions, he also explores how group rituals and facilitations mechanisms help achieve a collective flow state, and has developed embodied sound-based resonance practices to experience our shared interbeing.

The common principles of this residence

  • To live food with an awareness of our real needs and those of others (human and non-human, animate and inanimate).
  • Respecting the sanctuary of the place and not bringing any animal products into the main house. We can eat in conscious celebration these products in the second house.
  • Be aware of your own needs adjusted to the needs of the community.
  • Be aware that collective transformation also involves personal confrontation with our limits (emotional roller coaster, fatigue, reactivity) and that these residences are strongly discouraged for emotionally fragile people.
  • To know that this place is self-managed and that the collective care does not stop at the needs of the residence but at those that will come afterwards (please respect the instructions for tidying up).
  • Know that a cat also lives in the house and need to be taken care collectively ( not allowed to sleep there at night) .

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