Real Estate Fund

The Wise Living Fund is a real estate fund offering an investment opportunity in land and property with a social purpose.

The Fund exists to provide capital to develop mindful, wiser and weller co-living and co-housing communities, whilst providing investors with an opportunity for social impact, security of capital and a fair return.

The Security of Property

You are investing in one of the safest assets: land and property. Income is based on rental and secured by ownership of the underlying asset. 

The Fund’s Philosophy 

We practice ethical management with a long-term vision for the Fund and investors. We define maximum and minimum salary packages, do not use bonus incentives, and employ a not-for-profit management approach. We are inspired by the mindfulness trainings of Thich Nhat Hanh, founder of the Plum Village Monastery, and believe them to be an accurate compass with which to steward the fund. In this vein, we are committed to a regular mindfulness practice and to engage in ongoing personal and professional development.

Enabling Wiser, Weller Living

Your capital directly enables the development and growth of mindful, wiser and weller living. We want every human being to have the opportunity to awaken and flourish. Living together – and practising together – is crucial both to sustaining mindfulness and other well-being practices and to building real, purposeful community. Practically, living together means “co-residence” in the form of long-term co-living and/or co-housing. To create and sustain such communities, they need physical spaces to live and practice together, and to do that, they need capital to acquire and develop such spaces. Your investment provides that capital.