Life Itself Summer Gathering 2022

We’re excited to announce the Life Itself Summer Gathering 2022.

This year’s gathering is a time for celebrating and tending to the sprouting seeds of a new culture, one that pursues truly better lives for all rather than living according to things and status, thought and techniques.

These seeds have long dwelled in our dreams, and have sprouted in compost provided by modern ambitions, which have been withered by electronic alienation, the declining charisma of capitalism, narcissism and an isolating pandemic.

How can we best help these seeds form into trees, and eventually a great rooted forest? Participants will add to this vital exploration.

Particular emphasis will put be on inhabiting, through collective practices, a consciousness that includes and transcends our individuality. Where self-centeredness makes no sense, where we live intertwined with our ancestors and descendents, day to day and moment to moment. We feel that this place is a vital one from which to participate in our great task, and our practice hub has been refining practices that help us live in this space.

Come and co-create an inspiring and energizing week with us in the sun by the Dordogne river this July!

Key Info

  • What: A gathering where we explore transformation at personal, group, and social levels, both experientially and intellectually. Together, we’ll explore questions at the heart of the great ongoing transformation of our society while practicing in a container of mutual collective care.
  • When: Saturday July 23rd – 30th. You can arrive from Friday for the official start on Saturday evening. Closing with supper on evening of 29th with departure from Saturday 30th. If you want to stay extra nights that may be possible.
  • Where: The Life Itself Bergerac Hub in medieval Bergerac in the Dordogne, just east of Bordeaux in France.
  • Who: Anyone connected with or interested in Life Itself
  • Cost: €400-600 (depending on room type) including food.
    • €600 / per person for room and food
    • €450 / per person for a room shared with one other person
    • €350 / per person for dormitory
    • If cost is an obstacle to your participation please get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.
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  • Questions? Get in touch 😊


Join us for the sixth summer gathering! Connect with the Life Itself community through collaborative creativity — through a mixture of workshops, embodied practices, discussions, collective care, delicious shared meals, and just hanging out.

This gathering will use the Open Space format to co-create a schedule with the community, welcoming diverse ideas and contributions. Examples of some practical workshops we have held at previous gatherings include: Introduction to Permaculture, Ecstatic Dance, Perception Play (re-discovering senses and the world through play), and Meditation.

Our hope is that we all leave the Gathering feeling encouraged (having gathered courage, inspiration, support), energized (in mind, heart, soul, and body), and connected (to self and to others).


The Life Itself Bergerac Hub, a stunning townhouse in the medieval town of Bergerac, France.


A time for the Life Itself community to (re)connect, and for newcomers to discover Life Itself and to connect with our existing community members.

An opportunity to take time away from your everyday engagements to deepen connection to self and to others… and have fun!

Participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Build friendships and networks
  • Share practices and inquires.
  • Gain understanding of co-living and interbeing.
  • Explore meditative and embodied practices.


We want to bring together all kinds of people who have at their heart a deep concern to help improve the world and a desire to do so wisely.

No label captures us — artists, technologists, activists, thinkers & therapists are all commonly applied — all are welcome. Our gatherings are diverse by age group.